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A piece of my day

 By Surafel K Gebreselassie Spring of 2009, “Where are you from?” That was the first thing she wanted to know when she saw me first. She drove hundreds of miles with stacks of her medical records all properly filed year by … Continue reading

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Infertility work up going bizarre

By Surafel K Gebreselassie A man in his 30s and a woman in her 20s knocked at the patient’s room at the outpatient clinic. Please come on in. She was the first to enter the room. He followed hesitantly. Tenayistilign. “Tenayistilign,” … Continue reading

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The Story of Hana Alemu

Who to blame for a tragic loss of a child’s life?  Dangerous parenting skills, misguided disciplining practices or breakdown in the adoption process?  By Dr Solomon Alemu Feyissa  Background  After China, most children adopted into the United States from abroad … Continue reading

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Queen Taytu Bitul Hayle Mariam (1851-1918)

 Summarized by Surafel K Gebreselassie Princess Taytu was born at about 1851. Her father Prince Betul Hayle Maryam died in battle on June 29, 1853 when Taytu was only 3 years old. Princess Taytu married Menelik II, King of the … Continue reading

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Are you feeling stressed? The emotional impact of following social media news of traumatic events

By  Dr Bikat Sahle While social media publicity have been playing a crucial role in the effort to bring to light the human rights violations and abuse of migrant Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia, the excessive exposure to the gruesome details … Continue reading

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Fikir Eske Mekabir : medical analysis

By Dr Surafel K Gebreselassie Part I : Bezabih’s Illness The late Haddis Alemayehu was arguably Ethiopia’s best novelist. He is primarily known for his classic work, Fikir Eske Mekabir (later translated to English as Love Unto Crypt by Sisay … Continue reading

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                                                       Our fellow Ethiopians  are currently facing cruel, inhumane abuses in Saudi Arabia. It’s very heartbreaking to watch the videos & to hear their stories. No human being deserves to be treated with such barbaric exploitation & humiliation; they deserve … Continue reading

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Basics on Diabetes Mellitus and Complications

By Dr . Abay Taddesse Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic illness that results from absolute or relative deficiency of insulin ( hormone which controls blood glucose) that leads to excessive amounts of glucose in the blood which leads to … Continue reading

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Another Way to Cure

Bikat Sahle, PhD  As morning came and gentle beams of sunshine flickered into her bedroom, Kidist slowly opened her eyes. She greeted the new day with her usual moans and groans that have become her daily reality of the last few … Continue reading

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Remembering Dr Assefa Taye

In that bright day in September of 1996, we were seated at the center of the university’s basket ball stadium which was packed with families and loved ones to attend our graduation after completion of seven agonizing years to be medical … Continue reading

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