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A piece of my practice : you cannot shake my hands!

Solomie Deribessa, MD, MPH After the morning report, patients’ charts had piled up on my desk and the nurse started calling one by one. The first patient came just to refill drugs, the second one had common cold, the third … Continue reading

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Nancy Alonso

I found a surprise note on my desk after the morning clinic. It was a busy clinic with patients of various kidney and electrolyte problems including a challenging case of hypokalemia or low potassium. At first it didn’t click. I … Continue reading

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A life matters !

“Doctor, doctor, doctor,” she said, with a Spanish accent “Look at me doctor,” she said again grinning “Look at my face, I am happy now, I am happy now, my life is back” Her eyes welled up with tears This … Continue reading

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Until I had my own

“Her heart is beating at 172 per minutes. Do you have fever?” That question from the obstetrician threw chills in our bones in otherwise a routine visit. My wife quickly turned and looked at me but I wasn’t able to … Continue reading

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A trip to Addis

I started to be nervous on the final decent of the Ethiopian Air Lines Boeing 777. The last time I was in Addis was the day I left Addis itself. That was 15 years ago although it felt like 150 … Continue reading

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A piece of my day, nephrosis

I pushed the door open I don’t remember knocking, nervous He was standing at the door A very important person or VIP, as they called them His wife was sitting by the chair next to the computer “How are you … Continue reading

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A piece of my day, renal rounds

Detroit, Michigan,2008 Attention Doctors, Nurses, Specialists, Visitors, We ask you please, Do not talk negative things in front of her or close to her; Smile to her, be kind and positive; Be compassionate, please! I looked at those words on … Continue reading

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