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“Safe Abortion,” but safe to whom ?

Solomie Deribessa , M.D., MPH. It was a beautiful Friday afternoon in 2005, after finishing my usual daily activity, I took a taxi to go home. Along the way I was reading a small booklet about the facts of abortion. … Continue reading

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Saving Ethiopia

April 2, …. I, my wife, our 9 year old daughter and 7 year old boy are taking off the Ethiopian after a 13 hour flight from Washington DC. For our children this was their most important trip. They were … Continue reading

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What happened to South Sudan?

I had several friends from southern Sudan while in medical school in Jimma, southwest Ethiopia. It was back in the early 90s during the second Sudanese civil war that lasted from 1983 up until the signing of the Comprehensive Peace … Continue reading

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The challenges of kidney disease in Ethiopia; a call for diaspora involvement

There are only 9 nephrologists in Ethiopia for a total of 90 million people! Yewondwossen Tadesse Mengistu MD, consultant Nephrologist and Head, Renal Unit , Head, Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine College of Health Sciences, Addis Ababa University … Continue reading

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What we can learn  By Solomon Alemu Feyissa, M.D.  The life story of Nelson Mandela is very well documented and is readily available and accessible  to read from many  different sources therefore I am not going to spend much time … Continue reading

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The incomplete life, a reflection!

Dec 5, 2013 When I received a text message after the news broke about the passing of our greatest icon, Nelson Mandela, I was wrapping up seeing patients in clinic and contemplating how to celebrate my birth day which was … Continue reading

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What if we learn to just listen?

By Dr. Bikat Sahle My wise mentor used to say “Not everybody needs therapy, but everybody needs a therapeutic experience”. How do people get a therapeutic experience outside of a therapist/doctor’s office? When a trusted friend genuinely listens to one’s hurts … Continue reading

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Dr Solomon Alemu Feyissa American Health Care System prior to the Affordable Care Act ( ACA) is primarily financed by a combination of private medical insurances ( mainly employer sponsored like blue cross blue shield, united, etc with employee contribution), … Continue reading

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Challenges of dialysis in Ethiopia

By Dr Elias B Managing chronic kidney disease in Africa is very challenging; Ethiopia is no exception. Assume I am sitting in a clinic in Addis Ababa seeing patients with end stage kidney disease that require dialysis. What do I … Continue reading

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