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End stage kidney disease in sub-Saharan Africa , is kidney transplantation the answer ?

Since the first successful kidney transplantation on Dec 23, 1954 at Brigham hospital in Boston, Massachusetts across identical twins, kidney transplantation has become the ultimate choice for patients with end stage kidney disease near or requiring dialysis conferring improved survival … Continue reading

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Chemotherapy: medicine, poison or both

By Dr Lemma The Greek word for drugs, ‘Pharmakos’ has several meanings one of which means poison.  It is true that any drug if taken inappropriately and for the wrong reason can be a poison. This is particularly true for … Continue reading

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A piece of my day: on being a patient

 A sharp abdominal pain woke me up shortly after I went to sleep. Soon I was throwing up everything I had for dinner, Injera ( Ethiopian bread made from teff, an ancient cereal) with red lentil ( misir wat) sauce, and some.  I … Continue reading

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What happened to South Sudan?

I had several friends from southern Sudan while in medical school in Jimma, southwest Ethiopia. It was back in the early 90s during the second Sudanese civil war that lasted from 1983 up until the signing of the Comprehensive Peace … Continue reading

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