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Tenayistilign Tips : Potassium

Potassium is a mineral (nitre-neger) that is found in many foods in Ethiopian diet. The kidneys play a key role in maintaining normal potassium which regulates the heart to beat regularly and the muscle to function properly. Normal potassium level … Continue reading

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A Wednesday In January

By Surafel K Gebreselassie  I drove faster than I normally would. It was in January, in the middle of a snow storm. My car skidded and stopped at the edge of Superior Avenue. I normally wouldn’t take Superior to go … Continue reading

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Surviving Medical School in Ethiopia

By Dr Surafel K Gebreselassie I don’t know how we did it. We did it anyway. At least three of us had tuberculosis as far as I can remember. That would be 10% of the class of 1996. My symptoms … Continue reading

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Unusual but existing ways of HIV transmission in children

By Dr Solome Jebessa I was opening my office in one of the hospitals in Ethiopia when the nurse who I worked with for years approached me with  a sad and surprised look. I wasn’t expecting this in a beautiful Monday … Continue reading

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Murshid ( a memoir)

By Dr Lemma Health is not just physical well being. Trust me I am not repeating the health definition by WHO which we recited several times in medical school. Nonetheless, it has a truth to it and I have a … Continue reading

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Tenayistilign tips :Kidneys

What is the function of the kidneys? Filter the blood and get rid of waste products (every day our kidneys filter an average of 200 liters of blood – a quantity that would fill 20 buckets) They balance electrolytes such … Continue reading

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By Dr Lemma This is a story almost two decades old but is still fresh in my mind. I was a 4th year medical student just starting to see patients, eager to appreciate abnormal physical signs which were common as … Continue reading

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Queen Taytu : No Bland Diet For The King of Ethiopia

A conversation with the late Dr Yohannes Workneh, the son of the first Ethiopian physician, Hakim Workneh. Surafel: Who is Hakim Workneh? Dr Yohannes : My father  was  only 3 years old when he was taken prisoner at the battle of … Continue reading

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Tenayistilign Tips : Hypertension

More than one in three adults worldwide have raised blood pressure. In many countries in Africa, > 40% of adults  are estimated to have high blood pressure (World Health Organization Report). Hypertension is the term for high blood pressure, that … Continue reading

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 By Surafel K Gebreselassie I woke up to a rare beautiful day in the winter of 1999. It had been raining for over a week. The dogs were out barking. The clear blue sky was hosting flocks of birds. It … Continue reading

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