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by Dr Solomon A Feyissa 1. Passing of Nelson Mandela After suffering from a prolonged respiratory infection, Mandela died on 5 December 2013 at the age of 95. He died at his home in Houghton, Johannesburg, surrounded by his family. … Continue reading

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Season greetings: remembering the people who made a difference in our lives It was dark, the beginning of winter. She squeezed my hand anticipating that I would panic looking at what was about to cross us. We were walking to … Continue reading

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BUSTED: Myth of benefits of vitamins and supplements

By Solomon Alemu Feyissa,M.D Use of multivitamin supplements increased among U.S. adults from 30% between 1988 to 1994 to 39% between 2003 to 2006, while overall use of dietary supplements increased from 42% to 53% .Longitudinal and secular trends show … Continue reading

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The challenges of kidney disease in Ethiopia; a call for diaspora involvement

There are only 9 nephrologists in Ethiopia for a total of 90 million people! Yewondwossen Tadesse Mengistu MD, consultant Nephrologist and Head, Renal Unit , Head, Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine College of Health Sciences, Addis Ababa University … Continue reading

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Menelik II: August 17, 1844 – December 12, 1913

As we mourn the death of Nelson Mandel, Ethiopians, Africans and the rest of the world mourned the death of another black icon 100 years ago, Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia who died in the early morning hours of December … Continue reading

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A piece of my day: moonshine (Arake)

Detroit, 2006. His big toes were swollen , could hardly walk. He knew when his gout flared but he was frustrated because it was happening more frequently than the previous years. He threw the towel and decided to finally seek medical … Continue reading

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What we can learn  By Solomon Alemu Feyissa, M.D.  The life story of Nelson Mandela is very well documented and is readily available and accessible  to read from many  different sources therefore I am not going to spend much time … Continue reading

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The incomplete life, a reflection!

Dec 5, 2013 When I received a text message after the news broke about the passing of our greatest icon, Nelson Mandela, I was wrapping up seeing patients in clinic and contemplating how to celebrate my birth day which was … Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela ( 1918-2013)

“Ethiopia always has a special place in my imagination and the prospect of visiting Ethiopia attracted me more strongly than a trip to France, England, and America combined. I felt I would be visiting my own genesis, unearthing the roots … Continue reading

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What if we learn to just listen?

By Dr. Bikat Sahle My wise mentor used to say “Not everybody needs therapy, but everybody needs a therapeutic experience”. How do people get a therapeutic experience outside of a therapist/doctor’s office? When a trusted friend genuinely listens to one’s hurts … Continue reading

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