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I am a physician trained at Jimma Institute of Health Sciences ( now Jimma University, in Jimma, Ethiopia) and Wayne State University ( Detroit, MI, USA). I teach and practice General Nephrology/Hypertension and Kidney Transplantation in the USA.


Miku, I slowed down as if something hit me. Fortunately there were no cars behind and I was able to make a safe U-turn just before the entrance to the freeway. The flight was a little over 2 hours away … Continue reading

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CLEVELAND’S INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL GARDEN PARK This beautiful riverine park, given to Cleveland by Rockefeller in 1898, stretching from Lake Erie to University Circle, evolved into a large multi-cultural peace garden. First was the Shakespeare Garden in 1916. Since then, plots … Continue reading

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“I want to come with you to the hospital,”

“I want to come with you to the hospital, see my stethoscope and mask, mommy got it for me” That was the sweet sound of my soon to be 4 year old daughter waiting for me after a busy hospital … Continue reading

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COVID-19 in Africa

The impact of COVID-19 in Africa is frightening. Africa already carries 23% of the global disease burden such as malaria, HIV, tuberculosis but only accounts for 1% of the global health expenditure. There are over 4300 confirmed infections with COVID-19 … Continue reading

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“Safe Abortion,” but safe to whom ?

Solomie Deribessa , M.D., MPH. It was a beautiful Friday afternoon in 2005, after finishing my usual daily activity, I took a taxi to go home. Along the way I was reading a small booklet about the facts of abortion. … Continue reading

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Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed Wins the Nobel Prize!

“Abiy Ahmed has initiated important reforms that give many citizens hope for a better life and a brighter future,” the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! This is a moment to cherish.

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A piece of my practice : you cannot shake my hands!

Solomie Deribessa, MD, MPH After the morning report, patients’ charts had piled up on my desk and the nurse started calling one by one. The first patient came just to refill drugs, the second one had common cold, the third … Continue reading

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Saving Ethiopia

April 2, …. I, my wife, our 9 year old daughter and 7 year old boy are taking off the Ethiopian after a 13 hour flight from Washington DC. For our children this was their most important trip. They were … Continue reading

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Celebrating Adwa : great victory day for Ethiopia and Africa

March 1st, 1896 It is a victory that led to the idea for the Pan-African movement! Chronology of events: •1883 : Italian government buys Assab bay from Italian commercial firms •1885 ( Feb 5): Italian landing to occupy Massawa •1887 (Jan … Continue reading

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Barbers and stylists as health educators

  Is this a creative option for Ethiopia? We trained few barbers about hypertension and how to measure blood pressure in our project to address hypertension in East Cleveland. Each barber shop was provided with an automated blood pressure measuring machine. Any … Continue reading

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