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Renal rounds: Christmas gift

We were shopping for Christmas when the call came through. It was a big shop with Christmas decorations all over the place. It was noisy and crowded. We left the house early to spend as much time as we can … Continue reading

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Another Way to Cure

Bikat Sahle, PhD  As morning came and gentle beams of sunshine flickered into her bedroom, Kidist slowly opened her eyes. She greeted the new day with her usual moans and groans that have become her daily reality of the last few … Continue reading

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By Surafel K Gebreselassie My father would have liked me to be a lawyer or a teacher like himself; but as I grew taller than my friends, he was more worried about military service. During the last few years of … Continue reading

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By Surafel K Gebreselassie He walked in the pathology sign out room, flushed with excitement. I have never seen him so excited since I joined his lab to appreciate some renal pathology. ‘There are many dense deposits on electron microscopy … Continue reading

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