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A piece of my day: on being a patient

 A sharp abdominal pain woke me up shortly after I went to sleep. Soon I was throwing up everything I had for dinner, Injera ( Ethiopian bread made from teff, an ancient cereal) with red lentil ( misir wat) sauce, and some.  I … Continue reading

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Season greetings: remembering the people who made a difference in our lives It was dark, the beginning of winter. She squeezed my hand anticipating that I would panic looking at what was about to cross us. We were walking to … Continue reading

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A piece of my day: moonshine (Arake)

Detroit, 2006. His big toes were swollen , could hardly walk. He knew when his gout flared but he was frustrated because it was happening more frequently than the previous years. He threw the towel and decided to finally seek medical … Continue reading

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A piece of my day

 By Surafel K Gebreselassie Spring of 2009, “Where are you from?” That was the first thing she wanted to know when she saw me first. She drove hundreds of miles with stacks of her medical records all properly filed year by … Continue reading

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Infertility work up going bizarre

By Surafel K Gebreselassie A man in his 30s and a woman in her 20s knocked at the patient’s room at the outpatient clinic. Please come on in. She was the first to enter the room. He followed hesitantly. Tenayistilign. “Tenayistilign,” … Continue reading

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Obesity in Ethiopian Immigrants ( a personal observation)

by Surafel K Gebreselassie We are four old classmates seated in a popular Ethiopian restaurant in the Washington DC metro area, home to the largest Ethiopian community outside of Ethiopia. The restaurant was packed. It was a Saturday evening. I … Continue reading

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A Wednesday In January

By Surafel K Gebreselassie  I drove faster than I normally would. It was in January, in the middle of a snow storm. My car skidded and stopped at the edge of Superior Avenue. I normally wouldn’t take Superior to go … Continue reading

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Surviving Medical School in Ethiopia

By Dr Surafel K Gebreselassie I don’t know how we did it. We did it anyway. At least three of us had tuberculosis as far as I can remember. That would be 10% of the class of 1996. My symptoms … Continue reading

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Murshid ( a memoir)

By Dr Lemma Health is not just physical well being. Trust me I am not repeating the health definition by WHO which we recited several times in medical school. Nonetheless, it has a truth to it and I have a … Continue reading

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By Dr Lemma This is a story almost two decades old but is still fresh in my mind. I was a 4th year medical student just starting to see patients, eager to appreciate abnormal physical signs which were common as … Continue reading

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