Tenayistilign tips: Kidney stone

  • Kidney stones are formed inside the kidney (of mineral and acid salts that stick together).
  • There are four major types of kidney stones : calcium, uric acid, struvite ( infection) and cystine
  • About 70% of kidney stones are made of calcium compounds mainly calcium oxalate
  • Too much oxalate ( a compound found in some foods) in the urine is a risk for kidney stone formation
  • Common foods in Ethiopian diet rich in oxalate : Gomen ( spinach), Sikuar Dinich ( sweet patato), Lewuz ( nuts),  chekolata ( chocolate)

About Tenayistilign

I am a physician trained at Jimma Institute of Health Sciences ( now Jimma University, in Jimma, Ethiopia) and Wayne State University ( Detroit, MI, USA). I teach and practice General Nephrology/Hypertension and Kidney Transplantation in the USA.
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