A life matters !

“Doctor, doctor, doctor,” she said, with a Spanish accent

“Look at me doctor,” she said again grinning

“Look at my face, I am happy now, I am happy now, my life is back”

Her eyes welled up with tears
This was a mother who had suffered from chronic illness
For too long
That many physicians in the Americas missed
Because they were looking for common things
Even after her vital organs, like the kidney and liver
Started to fail

I remember the day I saw her
I could tell her body was on fire
Of inflammation
That alluded many

Until we made a diagnosis of the rarest of rare diseases
Almost a decade after her initial symptoms

When I look back, it is not because we are genius
Or it is not because we had an eureka moment

It was because we opened our eyes, scratched our head
And looked for rare diseases

Because a life matters!

About Tenayistilign

I am a physician trained at Jimma Institute of Health Sciences ( now Jimma University, in Jimma, Ethiopia) and Wayne State University ( Detroit, MI, USA). I teach and practice General Nephrology/Hypertension and Kidney Transplantation in the USA.
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